Far Niente Winery

Far Niente Winery – Tasting and Tour

My boyfriend and I went on a little stay-cation up in Napa this past three day weekend. We wanted to get out of the city and relax, and also drink so wine of course. We have been trying to get into Fa Niente winery for quite sometime. Now that harvest being over and rainy season is in full force up in Northern California, we were able to get a reservation!

You enter the winery through a large metal gate and are only allowed in if you have a scheduled tasting. You park in the lower lot and take the stone stairs up to the entrance of the tasting room.

The tour at Far Niente is so far the best tour I have been on. The history behind the winery and the building was so interesting to learn about. The winery was one of the first to open in the Napa Valley Region, it was shut down during prohibition and then reopened after. Since then the winery was passed down from the original family to the children, the children had no interest in running it or selling it so it sat dormant for quite sometime. Soon enough it switched ownership and now is owned by the family that also owns Nickel and Nickel ( another favorite of mine) who has since resorted it and made it was it is today.

We were directed down a small staircase that led into the production room of the winery and then into the underground cellar. The underground cellar was the first of its kind in Napa Valley. After the winery was restored in the 80’s the owners decided that this was the way to go. underground cellars have many benefits one being that it stays the same temperature naturally all year around. The underground cellar is over 4,000 square feet, you can definitely get lost in there!

After the tour was over we went back into the main tasting room and started the tasting.

If you are a chardonnay or cab lover then I would highly recommending going to Far Niente. We started out the tasting on their current release of their chardonnay then tasted it along side the older vintage. They were both spectacular especially paired with the cheese. After that we moved onto the cabs also trying the current release and also the 2010 vintage. Both which were absolutely amazing wines. I preferred the 2010 it was less tanic with bolder fruit flavors. The 2014 current release cab still had some tannin on it to me and I didn’t think the fruit stood out as much as it did in the older wine. But my boyfriend and I both agreed that the 2014 will be a great wine in a few years once it softens outs.

We had such an awesome experience here and I highly recommended it to anyone who hasnt been!



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